From SpidVid – 14 Common Misconceptions about Video Projects

I came across this rather irreverent look at Production. Though some of what they say is harsh, a lot of it is harder to argue with. Gain enough production experience, and you will see these, and many more, scenarios play out! Where’s the glamour??? Where’s the fame??? Guess what? It doesn’t exist! LMC


From SpidVid – 14 Common Misconceptions about Video Projects

As a fun exercise, we tapped our brains and came up with 14 common misconceptions about video projects.

1. My video project will only take ___ hours to complete. Wrong! It will likely take at least 2x the amount of time you think it will take.

2. My video project will only cost $___ to complete. Wrong! It will likely take at least 2x the budget you initially plan for.

3. My video project will turn out just as I expected. Wrong! Your video won’t be nearly as cool as you thought it would be.

4. My video project will attract awesome creative talent to work on it. Wrong! You will likely have to do most of the things yourself, so get learning how to edit a kick ass video buck-0.

5. My video project will be easy to manage. Wrong! You will get a headache while writing the first page of your script, and it won’t get any easier as you work through development.

6. My video project will be shot in one weekend. Wrong! It will likely take you 2 weekends to shoot your video, and another weekend to do scene re-takes.

7. No matter what happens on the set, my video project can be fixed in post production. Wrong! While things can be fixed after the shoot, you likely don’t have the skill sets needed to get the project to where you envision it. You’ll settle for a much less than perfect outcome, and be somewhat embarrassed to release the video.

8. I may not be able to pay my cast and crew right away, but I’ll feed them while shooting. Wrong! You will likely shoot in areas where there are no good restaurants, and have to result to handing out bags of potato chips and/or stale pizza slices.

9. When the last day of shooting wraps up I’ll take my hard working cast and crew out for drinks. Wrong! You’ll be way over budget and be begging your team to take YOU out for drinks.

10. My video project will be very rewarding, and offer great work experience. Wrong! You will likely hate your project before you even shoot it, and key cast and crew will back out a day before production starts. At least you will enjoy the beers you consumed while doing 23 script rewrites.

11. My video will get a million views within a week of being released. Wrong! You will likely have 100 views one month after you release your video. And 31 one of them will be from you. Math rationalization: 1 view per day over a span of 31 days.

12. My video will get picked up (aka embedded) by all kinds of popular blogs and publications and go viral. Wrong! Your video will likely only get embedded on your crappy blog, and leave you rethinking what the term viral actually means.

13. My video will get views, love, and attention forever online. Wrong! Do you know how many YouTube videos get uploaded every minute of every day?! Your video will be buried after a month, and likely never see the light of day again.

14. My team members will love working with me, and will want to work with me again on future projects. Wrong! Let’s say everything works out great and an awesome video in fact comes to fruition, your team will be so busy with babies, meetings, sports, and life that you will likely never hear from them again. If you are Facebook friends with them, then you MIGHT get a “Happy birthday!” posted to your profile.

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