Corporate Video Production and Consulting

Why should you partner with Per Ardua Productions as part of your multimedia communications and marketing plan?
What do we have to offer that you can’t get anywhere else?

We empower you to create, amaze and engage!

We are here for you in as large or as small a capacity as you require. What this means is you can hire us to create your project from start to finish, or on an as-needed basis as Consultants.

Full Service Productions

At your service, a highly skilled and experienced production team who will manage your project from start to finish; client meetings, script writing, producing, directing, editing, encoding and deployment. This full service project management approach will see your deliverables on time, on budget and on message – and with full accountability. For film, television, radio, print and web.

Live Event Productions

We aren’t talking about the weekly staff meeting. We are talking about large event venues streamed live online. We’re talking about that keynote speaker you’ve brought in that you want to record for your staff. We’re talking about those 4 experts from different parts of the globe that need to be brought together in one place at one time. Per Ardua Productions fully supports live events.

Communication Consulting

Don’t have the budget for an on-staff Multimedia Production Team but require ongoing support for your staff to do it themselves? Our services can be retained on an as needed basis. We will Help you to focus your plan for rich media and transmedia communication, marketing and public relations through online and offline social platform integrations.

Consulting – Hire us as a resource to support your own media creations! By retaining us, you have access to a personal Communication and Production department. Whether you are looking for on-site training and support, an informed critique, or just have a production question that needs an answer right away, we can help. We are your personal multimedia consultants.

Training – On site training for do-it-yourself communication teams. Training seminars and one-on-one sessions will give your team the knowledge to create more professional content. From A-Z, they will learn the best practices for scripts, directing, editing, Digital Rights Management, encoding, setting milestones and budgets.

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