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Education and Consulting Services
Are you trying to do it yourself? Good for you!

Many companies and organizations are recognizing the importance of Social Media Marketing as one of their best tools for reaching their customers. It is levelling the playing field, and businesses can reach thousands of potential customers in their communities for pennies compared to similar numbers using more traditional media outlets.

But sometimes it can be difficult to navigate social media sites, and the different ways that they can be used. That is where we come in.

Per Ardua trains and mentors small businesses and not-for-profits in making use of online tools for social media marketing. Then, we will help you to design an online marketing campaign that will be responsive to the needs of your business, and will actually perform in the way you want.


Adding rich media content to online and social media presences

The cost of outsourcing productions to keep them fresh and engaging, as well as looking professional, can eat a large chunk of any advertising budget. Never mind hiring an on-staff full time producer.

Understandably, many of these important rich media assets are left to be produced by existing staff, with nothing but a camcorder and good intentions, or a camera and a graphic program.

The Downside: Sometimes the existing staff don’t have the expertise to hit the mark.

But Per Ardua Productions can help. Wouldn’t it be fantastic to have your own On-Call Producer, that you could ask advice of?

**Where can I rent equipment? And How do I set it up and use it?
**Can you help me find editing software? Can you teach me to use it?
**My editing software is doing something weird – Do you know how to fix it?
**What is the best settings for encoding online videos?
**How do I SEO my video content?
**How do I target the message for both the distribution channel and the audience?
**How do I integrate other material with the media to create more engagement by the audience and to drive sales?

Hire us as a resource in supporting your creations! Whether you are looking for on-site training, an informed critique, or just have a production question that needs an answer right away, we can help.

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