Live Production Management and Support

Per Ardua Productions doesn’t just create Pre-produced media, we are also a full service Live-Production resource for videoconferences, webcasts, television broadcasts and on location rich media events.

Event Coordination

Need to organize an event, and you have no Event Coordinator on staff? We can help in as large or as small a way as you need. We are happy to work with your people on all projects.  Let us know the date, time, room capacity needed, attendees to invite, gifts for speakers, door prizes, etc.  and we’ll make it happen! Need to create invitations, website and blog copy, programmes and other marketing material? No problem!

Live Event Technical Production

What does a Technical Producer do and why do I need one?
A Technical Producer coordinates with the venue to organize and oversee the correct installation and operation of equipment that will deliver your live event to your audience in the manner with which you have envisioned. (within the scope of your budget of course!)

We ensure that the technology becomes transparent, so that it doesn’t interfere with the event experience of your in-room audiences.

What You Say: I have a PowerPoint presentation that I’m giving to 500 people in the room, and I want to webcast my event online so people can watch it and then ask questions during the Q/A session. I want to be able to walk around, I won’t stand behind a podium. When people in the room audience  ask questions I want that to be webcast as well. My presentation has a video clip, and a friend of mine is giving an introduction via Skype. I want to record it all for my website.

What a Technical Producer Hears: Meet with venue and find location of IP ports, technical capabilities of the facility, and a convenient space to set up the AV room. Book a time to test their Internet for the Videoconference and Webcast load capabilities and ensure no network issues occur such as firewall interference. Troubleshoot any issues. Book a time to test the Skype connection of off-site guest to ensure that their equipment is working properly. Troubleshoot any issues.
Book Equipment: laptop – for PowerPoint presentation, laptop – for Skype, 1 wireless lapel microphone, 2 microphone stands in audience with microphones, in-house sound system, projector, projection screen, camera(s), multi channel video switcher, digital scaler, webcast encoder, laptop – live chat and off-air monitoring, VGA Cable 50ft, BNC Cable – 200ft, 3 backstage video monitors, backup Digital Recorder etc, etc, etc.
Book People:  Director/Switcher Operator, Audio Operator, Camera Operator(s), Production Assistant(s).

Do you really want to figure all of this out on your own? Or do you just want to show up for your event, and know that everything is going to work seamlessly?

Organizing large events is stressful. If you call a Live Technical Producer to organize, setup and operate all the equipment that you need, it will free you to deliver your live event with style and flair!

But you needn’t take our word for it. We are happy to provide references from our past clients.

Packaging your event for future usages

Don’t go to all that work, and have nothing useable to show for it later! Don’t forget to leverage your live events for online content! They are great as educational resources for staff, and promotions for your business and corporate messaging.

Whether you want the entire event archived, or you just want to create a highlight reel, we offer full editing services for the packaging and deployment of your content.

You will receive all the raw recorded footage, as well as the cleanly edited version per your instructions. This edited version will be encoded and ready for deployment to your network. The raw recorded footage can be archived, or kept as building material for future projects.


We make it simple to Create, Amaze and Engage.

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