Scripted vs Unscripted Video Content

This post is about the difference between Scripted vs Unscripted Video Content, and when it is better to use each.

Scripted = Any movie you’ve ever seen.
Unscripted = any YouTube cat video you’ve ever watched.
A scripted project can be made to “Feel” like an unscripted one: see any of the Paranormal Activities movies.

All rich media video content is an opportunity for you to interact with your clients in a positive way, and promote your products and corporate message in an enticing fashion. Even if using unscripted video, you can still control much of the product messaging.

Where to use Unscripted Video

Unscripted Videos belong where you are interacting with your clients in an Informal Way.

Typical unscripted video content:
* AGM’s, Town Hall Meetings, Corporate Meetings etc.
* Webinars, Seminars
* Employee Video Blogs
* Question and Answer Style Interviews

Just because you or your employees are creating a Vlog (Video Blog) entry using a web camera, doesn’t mean that you can’t stay on message.  Use speaking points, much as you would if you were giving a speech, and touch on each of these points without coming off sounding over scripted and rehearsed. Remember that people naturally use words like “um, ahh, like, okay” as fillers when their brains are composing their thoughts. It is okay to have these in your video. Where it becomes a problem is if you are doing too many of these. Then they are a distraction that will undermine your message.

I included Q&A Style Interviews in the unscripted list, but that is a little misleading. Though not every word that is uttered is scripted, you are still in control of the message. Specific questions are being answered that are determining the overall direction that you intend to cover a subject with. If you are taking the project further, you may have a narrator (scripted) to flesh out the project into a news story, or documentary like format.

If you intend to post AGM’s and other large meetings, be sure that you have recorded the audio of your speaker adequately. Nothing is worse than trying to pick out the voice of the speaker over room tone hiss, and shuffling bodies. You will loose any audience very quickly.

If you are participating in a Webinar as a keynote speaker, don’t forget your speaking points. This is an opportunity to continue to showcase your corporate message, in the form of giving your expert opinion.


Where to use Scripted Video

Use Scripted Video when you are interacting Formally with your Clients.

Typical Scripted Content
* Message from the CEO
* Product Demonstrations
* News Releases
* Training Videos
* Product Advertisements and Showcases

Scripting each and every word is exactly what you want when you are creating a specific message directed to a specific purpose. Every aspect of how these videos look and sound is controlled. They can look slick and polished, or just like a Webcam Vlog entry. It will depend upon your intended audience, and the nature of the message you are trying to convey.

Scripted Videos need not cost the sun and moon to produce. If you are willing to put in the work, you can create a scripted video that will perform exactly the purpose for which it was created.

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